About That New Sucker Punch Banner Image

The "plan" was - as part of the "new bloggertory regime" at TOYSREVIL ("post-Stroke") - the blog will specifically streamlined focus on all-things "toys"-related and/or toys alone, with everything else compartmentalized, or basically not reported on (until I get better, of course :p) … but I couldn't do that to Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH - no, I could not….


Sucker Punch is different. Sucker Punch makes me smile unknowingly like a rube. Sucker Punch makes the angst of surviving my adult-geekery all worthwhile. Sucker Punch is Your Hot Imaginary Friend. (Sucker Punch is also coming as a series of 1/6th-figures from Hot Toys, so it's all good - no unnecessary stress).

And so here is the new banner image for the March 25th premiering Sucker Punch (via FirstShowing) which you can score for yourselves free on Apple.com.

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