Girls of Sucker Punch @ San Diego Comic Con 2011


The Girls from the movie "Sucker Punch" are present at SDCC 2011, but as a variety of merchandize instead of the real-human-deal - with the feature here of products available from Hot Toys and Gentle Giant. I loved the movie, and cannot get enough of the merchandize that the film has spawned (and I would say a movie like that IS primed for merchandizing, IMHO). Besides articulated figures, we have busts both large and small.

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We first blogged about the Hot Toys version of BABY DOLL and AMBER in articulated 1/6th-scale HERE - now peep the figures in full-glory (pics courtesy of Cool Toy Review). The images above showcases the headsculpt quite a bit - because frankly, with these girls - it's a lot about the headshot-likeness.

BABY DOLL's head-sculpt is by Yulli, while AMBER features - Head Sculpted by Song Hye Hyun (Both Head Painted by JC. Hong / Head Art Directed by Yulli). Both figures are scheduled for a 4th quarter 2011.

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From Gentle Giant comes the debut of a BLONDIE Statuette (alongside their Sweet Pea and Rocket statues - available to view on Cool Toy Review) featuring a decent likeness of pocket-rocket actress Vanessa Hudgens. Nice one, this!

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Also from Gentle Giant were two miid-torso busts featuring AMBER - both wearing her signature beret and a helicopter-pilot's helmet (and both pointing a pistol). Gosh does she have swell abs!

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