I Am Not Kissing Zack Snyder's Ass / Disney Punch Mash-Up Trailer

[Excellent Disney Punch Mash-Up Trailer spotted on Filmoo]

As i attempted to explain what the movie "Sucker Punch" was to my Chinese-educated acupuncturists, I realized I had been dwelling in my own make-believe world and blog for far too long.

"It's about a group of girls, orphans, who band together to fight monsters and dragons, in a magical fantasy sci-fi world".

And I believe that be the core gist of the movie actually! And as well that there are specific elements of game-play (like triumphing thru adversity in varied levels aka worlds) and even a musical ooh-lala-element in the cabaret segment of "reality". ("The Art Of The Movie" gives away quite an amount of geographic-concepts actually). And that's about what to expect what Sucker Punch has to offer, and oh yes, not to forget zombies, knights, WW2-zepplins, samurai warriors and a whole lotta robots. Who can ever deny this is a geekboy's wetdreams come true?

[Actual page-snaps will be posted soon!]

A whole lot of skeptics warn of the possible downfall of the film, to which I might even agree, but in the end, tis the visuals and notion that grabs my attention, and perhaps is the forte of director Zack Snyder, no doubt a person who understands geekology, and perhaps even lived it.

300 still held fond memories, and as well Watchmen required an acquired taste. The slow-mo overload has become a trademark of his films, and frankly they do not seem as irritating to me than they were before (John Woo utiiized that and flying pigeons to utterly irritatingly effect tho, and as well The Matrix movies utilized it to stunning effect LOL). Before even watching Sucker Punch, I am strangely looking forward to his SUPERMAN reboot too ~ do you see the obvious pattern immerging? Comicbook movies will be and are his playground, because he knows what turns on us geek-boys (Or I'd really like to think so).

I am not looking for celluloid genius. I am not searching for the answer to the universe. And as sure Zack might not now be within the pantheon of Ridley Scott and David Fincher (my two uttermost fervent favs), he seems to have carved out a niche amongst his film-decisions, and I reckon I am grateful for that, and I am grateful to be entertained, within my geek-realms where loads of other folks have failed to do, all these years.

No, you do not have to agree with me. That's the beauty of it, isn't it? :)


P/S: The conversation started, as I had mentioned I hope to be able to be better by months' end, to be able to catch a movie in the darkened theatre. And I was asked what movie I was looking forward to watching, admist having acupuncture needles being embedded into my leg LOL

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