Sucker Punch Character Featurettes

BABY DOLL (Emily Browning)

So have you folks seen SUCKER PUNCH yet? Regardless, here are a selection of video-featurettes showcasing each individual character from the movie, which you can essentially piece together IF you have seen the movie. If not? No worries, these are "story-free" moving visuals which you can fawn over and not need to cramp your brains worrying about the story. Yes, consider this a SPOILER WARNING of scenes to come.

SWEET PEA (Abbie Cornish)

ROCKET (Jena Malone)

AMBER (Jamie Chung)

BLONDIE (Vanessa Hudgens)

P/S: I've actually featured a series of "Unscripted" recordings of the five girls sans costumes, on my movie-blog PopcornX, showcasing them yakking on about behind-the-scenes and making-of story-situations. Tis eye-candy, if you need any further explaining :)

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