Sucker Punch's Rocket Statue by Gentle Giant


Thinking back, it wasn't till much later when I realized the statuettes seen at SDCC 2010 were actual figures for sale by Gentle Giant (most folks snap pics but hardly give any relevant information, let's be fair) from the feature film SUCKER PUNCH by director Zack Snyder - and after the release of Baby Doll, Sweet Pea and Amber - the next Sucker Punch 1/4-scaled statue is to be ROCKET! Yes, I too would love to have all four of them in my humble collection (hey, I enjoyed the film) but we all know they are beyond my meagre means … nevertheless, that does not devalue their awesomeness!

Standing 18" tall and priced at US$250 per for a January 2012-ship (available to order here) Rocket is "Sculpted with precision details hand painted by professional artisans, this expertly crafted large scale statue stands an amazing 18" tall and features film accurate jet pack, flint lock pistol, costuming and likeness."

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